We have a variety of students and adults who are seeking employment and or work experience opportunities. We also have registered students who are seeking support to enter university. These students are seeking courses within various sectors.  We are currently referring students to universities, further education, work experiences, bespoke training through local independent training providers, paid work and so on with great success.  

Our telephone lines are constantly busy due to the amazing support our service users receive within the network.

There are also adults who have essentially given up, not sure of what to do next as they are finding it difficult to use their transferrable skills but this is where the network comes in, hence, do not hesitate to join us.

Employers,  Consultants,  Recruitment Agencies, Service Providers, Youth Charities, Schools, Colleges, Universities,  kindly get in touch if you are happy to join the referral network. We have a variety of young people and adults seeking to benefit from your experiences,  your courses, (on the job training) employment or work experience opportunities.
Contact us on 020 3475 9775.

If you are happy to offer your services within the referral network, kindly complete the form above. Additionally, if you would like to join our network, as an organisation, to receive referrals or submit referrals, complete the form above:

Complete the form above (We require the details for the registration process) You may then be contacted by our referral team to move things forward.