Let Us Know Your Requirement and Availability


We support our clients and candidates on a one to one basis.  Once your registration is approved, you are assigned to a support specialist to move things forward for you.  (Note that we reserve the right to progress your application or not)  

Two options are available:

Option 1 – Register for support and referrals 

Note that you will need to complete this registration questionnaire and go through the formal registration process with us here: https://coursesandjobs.com/advertise-your-availability-for-opportunities before you can be referred for opportunities. Our offers go quickly, therefore, ensure to comply with the team and get the registration process done ASAP.

Option 2 – Apply directly to opportunities on the Courses and Jobs Advertiser Site 

Apply to Opportunities Directly Without the Referral Process

As an Alternative, you can apply directly to opportunities on the courses and jobs advertiser website: https://www.coursesandjobs.co.uk/ without this registration process as this process is only needed for the referrals option.